Our First 240V Tesla Charger

Delighted Customer Says Tesla Charging Time Cut Dramatically

I can’t believe how quickly it charged up!

Tesla charger gets its first workout

Chris plugs it in!


Our client Chris splurged, at his wife’s behest, on a brand new Tesla.  But charging the car up on 120 volts takes a long time and is expensive because it’s not that efficient.

He asked us to give him a proposal for installing a 240V outlet (NEMA 4-50).  This is a fifty amp (50A) outlet so it needs some hefty wire: #6 is a quarter inch in diameter.  We used stranded so it could easily carry more currrent.  (Stranded can carry more than solid.)

Not only was our proposal better than our competition but we offered more value: we put the wire inside a one inch PVC pipe to insure it couldn’t be damaged, nicked, etc.

Installing a Tesla charger requires strict adherence to Tesla’s specifications which, like all things Tesla, can be easily found online.

It’s wonderful to have an enthusiastic and satisfied client.  We’ve got lots of them, thankfully.


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